Finance Committee

The Finance Committee has oversight of the church’s revenue and expenses, and monitors progress toward balancing our overall budget of approximately $175,000.  The Committee consists of eight members including the pastor, the Financial Secretary and the Treasurer of the church.  We meet once every 4-6 weeks.

The Finance Committee leads an annual campaign to increase the number and amount of pledges from the congregation.  Outreach includes presentations on select Sundays, personal letters and articles in the Circuit Rider.

The Finance Committee also takes responsibility for fundraising efforts around specific (sometimes unexpected) needs of the church.  Our ‘Kick the Bucket’ campaign for example, was a successful effort to raise money to pay for the repair of our leaky roof.  The ‘Adopt an Expense’ initiative asks members to take on a specific operational expense of the church.

We encourage members to consider including Clinton United Methodist Church in their wills and estates.

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