Board of Trustees


  • The purpose of the trustees is to supervise and maintain all property belonging to the congregation of the Clinton United Methodist Church.  These functions include:
  • Oversee and maintain all church property.
  • Report to the charge conference the condition and needs of all church property.
  • Receive and administer all gifts, review investments and make certain all funds are invested properly.
  • Be responsible with the pastor for all building usage.
  • Submit an annual budget to the committee on finance.
  • Recommend to administrative council maintenance and improvements needed related to church property.
  • Stewardship and Volunteers
  • Volunteers are essential for insuring property is maintained and safe.
  • During the summer season, lawn mowing is accomplished by volunteers.  This contribution of time and effort amounts to a significant savings for the church budget and the outcome results in maintaining an attractive appearance of the property.
  • During the winter season, walkways and entrances are cleared by snow shoveling volunteers.  A contractor is hired for plowing the parking area and driveway.
  • Spring clean-up.
  • Adopt-a-project is a wish list that volunteers can commit to allowing them to work on special identified needs of the church.
  • Projects to be Completed
  • The trustees have identified and prioritized projects that need attention.  These items should be completed during the current calendar year.
  • Repair, seal and line driveway and parking area.



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