Officers, Boards & Committees


Church Council  Chair – Mark Klausner

Church Historian – Richard Williams

Financial Secretary – Jean C. Wainright

Lay Leader – Tom Kramer

Lay Member of Annual Conference – Carol Klausner

Recording Secretary – Alma Ingalls

Treasurer – Benevolence – Donald Henry

Treasurer – Current Expense – Eric Gifford

Treasurer – Future Building Fund – Mary Jane Rogers

Treasurer – Property Improvement – Donald Henry

Treasurer – Trustees’ Legacy and Memorial Fund – Doug Tinkler

UMM President – Duane Willsey

UMW President – Carol Klausner


Church Council – Kathy Austin (Choir Director), Wendy Humphreys, Brymer Humphreys (Co-Chair Trustees), Alma Ingalls (Recording Secretary), Mark Klausner (Chair Church Council), Carol Klausner (UMW President), Pastor Michael, Mary Jane Rogers (Treasurer Future Building Fund), Doug Tinkler, Jean Wainright, Beth Bohstedt (Chair Finance), Dick Williams (Church Historian), Tom Kramer (Lay Leader), Bob Turner (Chair SPPRC), Beth Roy (Chair Christian Education), Bryan Roy (Chair Outreach), Duane Willsey (UMM President), Carolyn Quinton, Betsy Jensen (Co-Chair Trustees), and Don Henry (Treasurer Benevolence & Property Improvement).

The Church Council meets monthly to coordinate all church activities.  On the Council are chairs of all major committees plus at-large members.  Each reports to the members and major decisions are made by the Council. (more)

Altar Guild – Bob Turner

Audit – Tom Kramer, Hart Anway, Brymer Humphreys,  Carolyn Quinton

Board of Trustees – Betsy Jensen & Brymer Humphreys (Co-Chairs), Doug Tinkler,  Kerry Rogers, Ralph Bohstedt, Dan Zuck, Matt Klausner, Tom Marhenke, Linda Ziesenitz, Michael Gus

The purpose of the trustees is to supervise and maintain all property belonging to the congregation of the Clinton United Methodist Church. (more)

Building and Development – Carol Klausner, Mary Jane Rogers, Carolyn Quinton, Kerry Rogers, Bill Ziesenitz, Kathy Austin, Brymer Humphreys

The Building Committee is responsible for the design and implementation of church facility modifications.  As directed by the Administrative Council, the Building Committee investigates alternate means of providing needed updates and makes recommendations.  With approval of the Administrative  Council, the Building Committee implements requested changes.  Recent updates of the church door security systems, Nursery School and office facilities are examples of Building Committee projects.

Camping Agent – Carolyn Quinton

Christian Education – Beth Roy (chair), Jen MacPherson, Ann Rieben, Angela Kramer, Sunday School Superintendent

As United Methodists we believe that we are on a lifelong journey of faith – aways growing and changing, teaching and learning.  All of us need to continue to grow into Christ and live in ways that are patterned after the perfection of Christ.  The teaching ministry of our congregation helps ensure this continued growth. At Clinton United Methodist Church we offer a variety of opportunities for quality Christian education for both adults and children. (more)

Communion Stewards – Diana Shaw, Laura Fuller, Nancy Graziadei, Linda Ziesenitz, Alma Ingalls

Finance – Beth Bohstedt (Chair), Jean Wainright, Bill O’Mara,  Tom Kramer, Jennifer Morrissette, Don Henry, Duane Willsey, Eric Gifford, Michael Townsend, Wendy Humphreys, Bill Zeiter, Pat Bramley, Kimberly Reale, Peter Walenta, Carol Drogus

The Finance Committee has oversight of the church’s revenue and expenses, and monitors progress toward balancing our overall budget. The Finance Committee leads an annual campaign to increase the number and amount of pledges from the congregation and also takes responsibility for fundraising efforts around specific needs of the church. (more)

Lay Leadership –  Tom Kramer (Lay Leader), Jolyn Gifford, Beth Bohstedt

Meal in a Basket – Shirley Ertley

Local Church Activities – Nancy Graziadei, Rosemarie Tinkler,  Laura Fuller, Diana Shaw, Phyllis Meyer

Memorial Committee – Betsy Jensen,  Marcia Wentworth, Bill Rudge

Outreach – Bryan Roy (Chair), Carolyn Quinton, Karen O’Mara, Bill Rudge, Donna Felt, Rosemarie Tinkler, Laura Fuller, Alma Ingalls, Ann Rieben, Michele Huther

The Outreach Committee meets during the year to decide how to support outreach, locally and around the world. (more)

Staff Pastor Parish Relations –  Bob Turner (Chair), Erin Zuck, Nancy Pawloski, Catherine Marhenke, Jim MacPherson, Tom Kramer, Dawn Dziuban, Debra Breeding, Angelina Gogola, Rit Fuller, Jim Bramley, Paul Hagstron, Lisa Schilling.

The Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee relates to all staff and brings together both staff and congregational interests to focus on the mission of the church. It deals with management functions normally taken care of by a business Human Resources department and deals with both celebrations and disappointments inherent in any human family church.

United Methodist Women

The United Methodist Women is a community of women whose purpose is to worship God, to enjoy fellowship and to paraticipate in mission activities.  Membership is open to all women of the church. (more)

Worship – John Kozak,  Jean Wainright, Kathy Austin, Becky Willsey, John Pawloski, Beth Bohstedt

The Worship Committee meets with the pastor, choir director and organist to plan worship services for the greater glory of God, to infuse the teachings of Christ into the life of the church, and to engage the congregation in following the Holy Spirit.

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