Proverbs 22:6

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

We are teaming up with Clinton Community Churches, Service Organizations, and Educational Institutions to collectively provide 30,000 meals for hungry people around the world!

Our church has been a leader in supporting this mission and we hope this year will be no exception. As a Community, we are aiming to raise $10,000 for this goal. While this year presents a challenge because we are not gathering in person, world-wide hunger is not a challenge that will take a break. Please consider giving what you can through any of these methods:

 Directly through our Rise Against Hunger Event page – 


  • Through Tithe.ly (select Rise Against Hunger option on the giving screen)
  • Send a check to the church in the mail indicating it is for this special offering and put “Attn: Rise Against Hunger” as an additional address line on the envelope.  The church address is:  CLINTON UMC, 105 Utica Road, Clinton, NY 13323


Harvested: Next to maize, rice is the most commonly consumed grain with regard to human nutrition and caloric intake. Along with soy or lentil proteins, vegetables and vitamins; rice is the fourth and final ingredient in our meals.


Transported: The rice we use is sourced locally whenever possible, and transported to one of our locations around the world. From there, staff store and inventory the rice along with the other meal ingredients.


Packaged: Volunteers come together to package meals for those in need – Our packaging event is planned for Saturday, October 2nd. Rice and other dry ingredients are combined into a meal bag that, with water, becomes a highly nutritious vegetarian meal.


Boxed: Meals are packaged into boxes at volunteer events. Boxes are returned to Rise Against Hunger warehouses and stores until they are ready to ship internationally to programs that serve the hungry.


Shipped: The boxes of completed meals, packed inside a shipping container, leave a warehouse and make their way across the sea to one of the countries where our Impact Partners operate their programs.


Distributed: Our Impact Partners transport the meals safely from the ports to their program sites. The meals can travel thousands of miles before they reach their final destination for fair distribution at schools, orphanages, clinics or vocational centers.


Stored: Rise Against Hunger meals have a two-year shelf life, allowing them to travel long distances and be served for many months. We work with our Impact Partners to determine the number of meal shipments they will need each year.


Cooked: When we provide meals to our Impact Partners, we include instructions on hygiene and safe cooking practices. Most locations customize the meals into local dishes that are suited to the regional palate. Meals are often accompanied by local vegetables or protein, depending on availability.


Served: Rise Against Hunger meals are served in schools, vocational training programs, medical clinics, maternal health facilities, child and youth development centers and elder care facilities. Preparing and cleaning up after meals becomes a lesson in life skills for students in many partner schools.


Nourished: School meals attract children to education programs and prevent dropouts–especially among girls–while simultaneously alleviating short-term hunger and enabling children to learn and to break the cycle of poverty. Providing Rise Against Hunger meals in community empowerment programs enables participants to gain new skills without losing income or the equivalent.

CLICK HERE  to watch this video to learn more about RISE AGAINST HUNGER!